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Sonia Gandhi

Sonia Gandhi: The Power Part I is a book author Roopa Venktesh have pleasure in presenting to the curious reader/s and critics she hopes who respect the power in what she loves to believe is a phenomenal career in politics. The reason for writing this book is purely as a source of inspiration to many women like herself who struggle to live a challenging life abroad. What acceptance means to people who work abroad is perhaps something Venktesh struggled to express as when there is no acceptance of the ideals, they fail to flourish as they should do. She sincerely hopes that with globalization, people and values will be widely accepted regardless of religion, color, creed, race and nationality and there will be no discrimination on such a basis or characteristics.

Venktesh strongly feel that Mrs. Sonia Gandhi should be accepted for her strong determination to work against all odds to work for the larger good of the society. If this society means a region outside of where she was born, Venktesh feels she deserves greater respect and it is but appalling to see the contrary gaining importance.